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A cost-effective and  healthy way to provide treats for your puppy or dog

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The new version of the recipe book includes additional information. Including natural remedies kefir turmeric paste and bone broth.

With additional instructions for the treat recipes if you are using silicone moulds. I use the Collory moulds that you can purchase from Amazon (see my ) other moulds are available.

We have also included a section on ideas for Kong fillings which can be adapted to be used on Lickimats.

When training puppies and dogs it is important to have high-value treats. When clicker training you will use plenty of treats. Making treats yourself is very cost-effective

By making the treats and biscuits yourself you can also adapt recipes to suit your dog. Avoid grains and use tapioca flour instead of wheat flour which is gentler on a dog’s digestive system but also the treats will be less crumbly than if you use wheat flour.

When using the different types of flour you may need to alter the amount of liquid that you add to ensure the batter is the consistency that you require.

The photos of the puppies and dogs who are featured in this book have attended our training over the years.

This book has been dedicated to all the beautiful dogs who have now crossed the rainbow bridge.

Many of the photos that have been taken were photographed (his contact details are available on request)

Happy baking!

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