Dog Lead Safety Strap


The dog lead safety strap is an ideal way to keep your dog’s lead secured to you whilst you are out walking. This product is available in 20 different colours.

This product has been tried and tested by a number of clients. Please watch this video to see the product in use Dog Lead Safety Strap

How to use your Dog Lead Safety Strap

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We have designed a dog lead safety strap that attaches to your wrist and onto your dog’s lead to ensure that you have a secure hold of your dog in the event you accidentally drop your lead.

Our dogs are unpredictable and at times they can take us by surprise and suddenly pull to go and investigate something or if they are spooked by something/someone. The dog lead safety strap ensures that you won’t drop your dog’s lead.

A client recommended we make this product as she often came across people who accidentally dropped their dogs lead and said she had also done this herself on several occasions.

The straps have been designed with comfort and safety in mind. The wrist strap is made from a 20mm wide cushion webbing which is adjustable to fit any sized wrist. There is a lockable clasp to prevent it from being opened by accident.

A heavy-duty carabiner has been stitched securely to a strap that has been securely stitched onto the wrist strap and a D-ring has been fitted to clip the carabiner onto.

The wrist strap also has a removable fleece sleeve for extra comfort.

The carabiner is fed through the handle of your dogs lead and clipped onto the D-ring. This is suitable for use with all leads including Flexi-leads. The handle of your lead must be held whilst using this product. Please see the how to use guide below.

If you accidentally drop your dogs lead or if they pull suddenly if they see something or are startled you have peace of mind knowing that your dog’s lead will still be attached to the secure wrist strap

With the considerable increase in dog thefts from owners/dog walkers whilst out walking their dogs over the past year this product is ideal to ensure that your dog is safely attached to you.

This product has been tried and tested by a number of clients. Please watch this video to see the product in use

What a client has said:

“It’s absolutely amazing!!!!  You are so clever to have created this it’s comfortable and feels totally secure. I love the fleece sleeve for cushioning too you’ve thought of everything. I know it will help so much. Even with my dog’s normal lead I struggle sometimes and have dropped it when trying to poo pick and nearly drop it quite often so this is going to make such a difference. Thank you so much again for this it truly is incredible”.

The product can be washed at 30 degrees and air-dried.

20 colours to choose from!

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